Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Conscience Conversation

            I was having a conversation with my Conscience. I often do that—have these conversations and make contracts with it. You know—“This year I’ll join the gym.” “No more sugar for me.” “This year I’ll walk a mile a day.” And so on. So when I picked up a dark chocolate bar my Conscience noticed.
          “Candy!” My Conscience said. “I thought you were giving up sugar.”
          “But this is chocolate,” I said. “And dark chocolate. It’s good for you.”
          “Yeah, but you know how you are, you won’t stop till it’s all gone.”
          “Look, I’m only going to have three small squares,” I said.
            My Conscience cocked an eyebrow and said, “Just three?”
            I nodded vigorously. “Just three.”
           “Can I trust you? Remember…”
            I interrupted. “I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll only take three.         And it’s the last I’ll ever eat today.”
           “The last?”
            I nodded.
                I walked away smiling. Foxed it again! You see, my Conscience never reads the fine print.


  1. So strange. Your conscience sounds just like mine . . . .

  2. Haha! Another reason I don't keep ice cream or 25 year old MacAlan Single Malt Scotch in the house! As a friend of mine recently exclaimed after tasting a delicious, full bodied red wine that was like the nectar of the Gods: "Hmmmmmm ...tastes like MORE!" Still - the consciense does help me to maintain some decorum....