Friday, May 11, 2012

This New World

When I was a girl, I regularly looked at my father’s magazines. He was a reader. My favorites were: Liberty, Saturday Evening Post, and Popular Mechanics.  The last was of particular fascination for it showed what we could expect in the future. I vividly remember seeing a picture of cement roadways crossing over one another. It was like something out of Buck Rogers (whom I adored). I wondered if ever I would see such a magical thing.
            One only has to go to any major city today, and there they are, layer upon layer of highway intersecting, crossing, and dividing the city.
            I wish I could go back and see what they predicted for communication. Could they have foreseen cellular phones, Skype, the Internet? When I see the changes in just my lifetime, it boggles my mind to think what is possible for the future.
            It’s a whole new world for me and although I haven’t been in the foremost ship sailing onto these strange new waters, I’ve not been on the shore observing. I sometimes feel like I’m being swept away, and it takes all my energy and smarts to just keep my head above water. I’ve had some concerns about drowning in all this new lingo. But step by step, and with a lot of help from my computer guru and friends, I’m moving right along. (And my Angels in Disguise have been there all along, doing their magic.)
            A friend said I should make a book trailer for my book Suicide: Living With the Question. “But it’s not a movie,” I said. And then I discovered not only movies have trailers for marketing, books do as well. So I did a little research and emailed my family and some friends for ideas. They came through. (Lord love ‘em, they always do.) My grandson Spencer had composed some music he thought would work, so he zipped it to me. My friend Mark had videos I could look at, so I drove to his apartment one Sunday afternoon. And voila! Two hours later I had a book trailer. Magic.
            I want to share it with you. Would love your feedback. I also request that you share it with your networks. I want to market this book as from the responses I get, it seems to bring comfort and valuable information to the reader.
            Here’s the link:
Thanks for being a part of my network. I’m grateful for all you do in the world and I value our relationship.

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