Friday, August 17, 2012

More Scraps

Sometimes when making a quilt (or a blog), there are pieces not big enough to do much with, but too colorful or interesting to throw away. Here are a few of mine.


I have a veritable garden of friends, needing feeding, watering, and definitely lots of sunshine. I’m not going to take this any further, for I’m not sure what to do about pruning, fertilizing, and weeds.

Homeless Guy

He was standing at the edge of the park, speaking, a homeless guy. I watched carefully, curious about what he had to say. I wondered if I should go and listen, give him an audience. But after a while, I realized he didn’t need an audience. Didn’t want one. He just wanted to hear his own thoughts out in the world. Each one like a newborn person.

In Tune

The large chorale I sang with was giving a major concert.  We had invited two other ensembles to perform with us, had a full symphony orchestra, and were being televised.  This was big time stuff.
            The house lights dimmed and the concertmaster came onstage and bowed to the appreciative audience.  Everyone hushed and he nodded to the oboe player who took the cue. Clearly she played her ‘A’ and the orchestra tuned.
The concert was brilliant and right on key. It’s the oboe who set the key because it can’t be tuned like violins and timpani.  Every group has its “oboe.”  In my family we have two, a precious five-year old and an 87-year old great grandmother.


  1. These aren't scraps. They're lovely stories that pack a lot of punch in a short space, like haiku poetry. I hope you keep posting them.