Friday, November 16, 2012

And More Scraps


Life had not been going well for me and I decided I needed to get God’s attention. “Look, Buster,” I said. “Life is not going well for me and…”

I suddenly had this vision of God roaring with laughter. “Look at her. Get her! Isn’t she cute!” I then saw what God was seeing, this little gnat on the tail of a dragon shouting into the void.

I quickly changed my tone.


Just a boy
            in the back of the police car.
Pale sideburns on a
            boy’s cheeks
               behind the wires
                        that are bars.

What have you done?

Your mask is a face
     my heart aches to reach out to.
but the light changes,
and the cars move on.

Split Second

The young man had been waiting to cross the street for some time. I could tell by the expression on his face. But the stream of cars hurried on, each one filled with people busy going somewhere.

I stopped and waved him on, and the car beside me slowed guiltily and then stopped. The young man glanced at me, frowned, and then smiled. He waved. I returned the wave and smiled back. For just an instant our eyes met. Then he ran on and I continued my drive.

Such a brief encounter, but it changed my day and I know it affected him as well. A split second of time, but a whole world hangs in the balance. In a moment new human beings are conceived or die, lives are changed irrevocably, nations rise or fall, wars are begun or ended.

Our lives, like the patchwork quilt, are made up of such split seconds, woven uniquely together to create that drama called living.


  1. Hey! I'm listening. If I'm listening, then I think God must be listening too! Call me next time you feel things aren't going good! 607-243-8967 or 607 -654-9380! I'm sure that boy depicted so well you will pay it forward. That's all we can do. Love you!

  2. Yes, at times I feel like that gnat too. You're right about about the small details of life. It feels so good to share kindness. Sometimes all it takes is a little patience - something I need to work on!