Friday, May 10, 2013

The Handyman

My handyman just finished his chores. I gave him his check and we stood in the doorway and chatted. He’s so sweet. I know little about him except that he’s married. I think they have a baby for I often hear one in the background when I call him. Makes me think that the news is (and has been) lying to me for years, or at least presenting a very prejudiced view of the world.

If it weren’t for the people who are actually IN my life, I’d have a twisted view of humankind that’s for sure. “Breaking news,” they gleefully tell me and then bring up obscure pictures of a crime happening somewhere. It’s often not even in my locality. There are probably any numbers of shootings or robberies, but this happens to be either the one that’s handy and the TV truck could get to before the broadcast, or it’s a very exciting one—who cares from where. That’s not news. That’s gossip as far as I’m concerned. I come away depressed at the condition of the world.

And then my handyman comes to make a repair. Or a stranger on the street catches my elbow as I stumble over a broken piece of sidewalk. What if the news broadcasters were required to present a fair picture of what is really happening in the world? At least one good report for every bad. That might get us closer to the truth. Only just closer, for I believe that for every “baddie” there are at least ten, maybe twenty “goodies” out there. I know my handyman is one of them.


  1. Delightful, uplifting post, Ruth. Thank you! I love being reminded about the good that's going on. Yesterday as I was sitting in my car at an intersection, a young man went by on roller blades with two bottles of some kind of cleaner in one hand and a colorful bouquet of flowers in the other. I imagined that he was going to help his wife or partner with a project, and spontaneously decided to bring her the posies, too. As he rolled by, our eyes met, and I gave him a grin and a thumbs up for his thoughtfulness. He smiled back, and gave a little head nod. It made my day!

  2. Great Ruth
    Reminds me of Daniel Pink's new research that shows that violence is DECREASING over time - but now we have news that plays it up and it seems that it has never been worse. He is not saying we don't have a problem only that the trajectory of violence is positive over the long arc of history - in one era in China for instance 20 MILLION People were killed in that country alone.

    Our experience is often discounted by ourselves or not even noticed in our rush to find out what is happening.